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We Proudly Provide Following Spiritual Services


Roohulamin Institute of Occult and Spiritual Sciences


  • Online roohani courses in Ilm-e-Jaffer, Ilm-ul-Aadaad (Numerology), Ilm-e-Najoom (Astrology), Ilm-e-Ramal (Geomancy), Ilm-ul-Alwah-O- Naqoosh, Hazirat-ul-Arwah, Ilm-us-Sa'aat etc.

  • Online Arabic classes.

  • Online Quran Understanding Building and Hadith classes.

  •  Online Chineses (Mandarin) learning classes.



Roohulamin Spiritual Services


  •  Astrology Birth Charts.

  • Numerology Birth Charts.

  • Removal of Black Magic.

  • Removal of Rajaat and Nahoosat Sayargan.

  • All types of Bandish.

  • Solution to Love, Hate, and Enemies related Problems.

  • Calculation of Zati/Ansari Ism-e-Azam.

  • Marriage Compatibility Calculations.

  • New born baby Name Calculation.